Welcome to the New England Gang School,

The backbone of the New England Gang School is our 5-day Premier “Street Crimes and Gang Investigator School,” which brings together numerous highly qualified and decorated gang investigators, instructors, and guest speakers, from all over New England, from Boston to Bridgeport, in order to cover a blanket of topics regarding the types of observations, methods, and ideas that have led to successful and progressive investigations of gangs, firearms, and violent crime.  The topic focus is on the recognition and understanding of gang activity, gang behavior, and gang investigations; however, the indicators of deception, criminal behavior, individual actions, or group conspiracy, are the same regardless of the crime.  And so, an understanding of the skills taught, can be applicable to the investigators of even the smallest towns.

We also offer a 2-Day “Gangs and Characteristics” course.  This is an expanded version of the 2-hour block of instruction that is offered during the 5-Day school.

Our mission is to provide a fresh, current, and local, prospective on gang intervention.  And to do so in a manner that truly respects the individual subjects of your investigations and encounters; thereby increasing your successes, and minimizing your professional exposure and subsequent liability.

The undercurrent of all of our topics and courses, are the concepts of Common Sense Policing, Progressive Case Practices, and (the final course of all of our presentations,) Honor in Policing.

Please read the “Our Mission” tab for a broader description of our philosophy.  We wish you a long, successful, safe, and honorable law enforcement career.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions at negangschool@gmail.com.