Customized Training

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Welcome to the New England Gang School:  Customized Training Page

At the New England Gang School, we are available to create specialized and customized lectures for individual departments, units, or organizations.  Some departments may face particular challenges that can be specifically addressed.  Other departments may just simply be unable to provide the resources (travel, time off, reimbursement, etc) to their officers who are interested in attending the 5-day school.

For this reason, we are available to meet and discuss options that can assist us in bringing our training to you directly.  The feedback that we have received from the 5-day training school has certainly confirmed that the NEGS,LLC is exceeding the expectations of the attendees.  And so, if you would like to speak with us about catering our topics to your jurisdiction, or if you have any other needs or requests, please contact us at or at (888)NE-GANGS.  We will be happy to discuss it.

Thank you

Tommy Brooks – Director of Training