The New England Gang School is comprised, currently, of 10 highly qualified and professional law enforcement officers, as well as guest speakers, and partners in the legal field, that span all across different cities in New England.  They are not volunteer instructors or regular full-time trainers; to the contrary, they have been specifically recruited to the staff for their expertise in the field of gangs, drugs, and firearm investigations, as well as their experience as actual street officers.  And we are honored that they have committed to joining in partnership, for this training school.

Between them, they share a nearly uncountable number of awards, medals, citations, and commendations, to specifically  include:

Presidential Citation NAPO Top Cop Awards, multiple George Hanna Awards, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Commendation, ATF Certificate of Recognition, multiple Mass Governor’s Citations, multiple US Attorney Public Service Awards, multiple US Attorney Outstanding Collaborative Investigation Awards, DEA S/A Enrique Camarena Award, Cape Verdean Association Outstanding Public Service Award, multiple Mayor’s Citations, Victor E. Harris Award, Senator Thomas Kennedy Citation, Schroeder Brothers Medal, multiple Medals of Honor, Thomas Rose Medals of Honor, the Roy Sergei Medal of Honor, Jeremiah Hurley Medal of Honor, the Relief Society Medal of Honor, multiple Medals of Valor, the American Legion Medal of Valor, William Taylor Meritorious Service Award, DNC Awards, Maine State Police Colonel’s Award, Major John E Regan Award,  CT State Police Unit Citation Award, Superintendent Unit Citation, DEA/HIDTA Outstanding Investigation Award, MA State Police Bulldog Award, 2013 Boston Marathon Life Saving Awards, RC Distinguished Service Award, Distinguished Law Enforcement Service Award, Circle of Merit Award, DYS Community Partnership Award, multiple Unit Citations, multiple Commissioners’ Commendations, and commendation letters from every level, from the state, to the county, to the district.

They have received training certifications from the DOJ, DEA, ATF, ICE, and the FBI, as well as numerous State and Local specialized training programs and private training courses.

Their collective street experience includes decades of undercover work, surveillance, informant handling, search warrant preparation, and court testimony.  Collectively, they have investigated gangs at every level, and have recovered an uncountable number of guns.  Their ranks span from supervisors, to detectives, to street patrol officers.  Their unit experiences range from Gang Units, Anti-Crime Units, Drug Units, Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces, Federal Task Forces, Human Trafficking Units, and Special Investigations Units.

Due to the nature of some of the instructors’ assignments, their names will not be listed on the website.  However, any questions you may have regarding the staff, can always be sent to our contact at, as well as any other questions or queries that you may have about the school or the training.